2018 Technical Reports

"Sequential Bayesian Learning for Stochastic Volatility with Variance- Gamma Jumps in Returns",
Technical Report TR-2018-1 – Refik Soyer

"Multi-stage Multivariate Modeling of Temporal Patterns in Prescription Counts for Computing Drugs in a Therapeutic Category",
Technical Report TR-2018-2 – Refik Soyer

"Bayesian Analysis of Dynamic Transformed Exponential Family of Multivariate Models",
Technical Report TR-2018-3 – Tevfik Aktekin, Nick Polson, Refik Soyer

"A Semi-parametric Bayesian Model for Call Center Arrivals",
Technical Report TR-2018-4 – Kaan Kuzu, Refik Soyer, Murat Tarimcilar

"Game and Decisions in Reliability and Risk",
Technical Report TR-2018-5 – Refik Soyer, Suleyman Ozekici